A Detailed Guide to Lock Your Bike (Safely)

A Detailed Guide to Lock Your Bike (Safely)

August 19, 2022

In the previous blog, we talked about different types of bike locks and how you can pick the best one for your bike. However, it is important to understand that locking the bike in the right way is as important as choosing the best bicycle lock itself. Keep in mind that even the strongest U lock can be unlocked by professional hands. It means no matter which bike lock you have bought, your bike will get stolen if you don’t lock it the right way. 

That’s why we are here to help. In this article, we are going to share different ways you can lock your bike so that no one can steal it. This guide will help you keep your bike safe, irrespective of the place you have parked it in. So, without wasting a fraction of a second, let’s start with the guide itself. 

Note: Since 75% of the bikes are stolen from streets, we have crafted this blog to specifically help you understand the keys of locking your bike outside, mainly in the streets. 


Choosing the Right Location to Lock the Bike


When it comes to choosing the right location where you should lock the bike, there are certain things that you must remember. For instance, it is never a good strategy to lock your bike in a completely isolated place as it becomes much easier for thieves to break the lock and run away with your bike without drawing any attention. 

Some of the additional points that you must consider while choosing the location include:


Pick a Crowded Place

As we mentioned earlier, never lock your bike in an isolated place. Always look for crowded areas where the streets are busy with pedestrians. If you can find a place that comes under the coverage area of a nearby CCTV, that’s even better. In this case, even if your bike gets stolen, you’ll be able to identify the thief easily. 

You should also look for places that are already packed with locked bikes. Instead of locking your bike on either end of the group, try to lock your bike in the middle. This way the thief won’t consider your bike as a target. Once you have picked the right place, the next step is to choose the right object to lock your bike to.  


Look for Immovable Objects


Ideally, you should always lock your bike with an immovable object. You can use a bicycle U lock or a bicycle cable lock to lock your bike with the object. The object should be cemented to the ground. In most of the streets, you’ll be able to find dedicated railings that are specifically used to lock bikes. 

Once you have located the object, the next step is to use your bicycle U lock and lock your bike around as many railings as possible. If anything, this will make the thief’s job way more strenuous. 


How to Lock Your Bike the Right Way


Now, comes the real deal; locking your bike the right way. There are several ways you can lock your bike to an object. However, it mainly depends on the neighborhood where you are going to lock your bike. 

Here are some of the ways you can lock your bike securely. 


Lock the Frame

One of the biggest mistakes people make while locking their bike is to lock it with the wheel only. Anyone who’s looking to steal your bike can simply remove the wheel and run away with the rest of the bike. 

This is why it is always advised to lock your bike’s frame with a stationary object. It is also a wise approach to include one of the wheels and the frame inside the lock. This way you can secure both the frame and the wheel at the same time. 


Use Two Locks to Lock Your Bike

While there’s no harm in locking your bike with a single bicycle U lock, it is always beneficial if you use two locks instead of one. The first lock should go around the bike frame, the object (you’re locking your bike to), and the rear wheel. 


Whereas, the second lock should go around the bike frame and the front wheel of the bike. This way you’ll be securing both the wheels and the bike frame at the same time. If you are looking for a cheaper way to securely lock your bike, you can also use a bicycle cable lock to lock the front wheel and frame of the bike. 


Locking Your Bike at Work


Today, the majority of offices have started to provide dedicated space for its employees to park their bikes. While many people leave their bike unlocked inside the office parking space, that’s not the right way if you want to protect your bike from getting stolen. 

Even in a completely secure parking space, there are slight chances for your bike to get stolen. So, make sure to lock it with a sturdy bicycle U lock so that it is safe within the premises as well. 


Wrapping Things Up

Buying the best type of bike lock is not sufficient, it is also important to lock your bike in the right manner so that a thief would think twice before attempting to steal it. The above-mentioned points will help you effectively lock your bike so that it is safe and secured. Above all, however, the quality of the bike lock should be extremely superior. The reason being even if you have locked your bike the right way, anyone can steal it if you have used a poor quality bike lock. So, invest in a sturdy bicycle U lock and completely secure your bike with the help of best locking techniques. 

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