Don’t Have A Bike Lock? Here is What You Should Know | Via Velo

Don’t Have A Bike Lock? Here is What You Should Know | Via Velo

August 19, 2022

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Putting a price on security is often a subjective matter for every individual. While there are some not willing to spend a lot, there are others who value security the most. In the case of bikes, security is paramount. It takes no effort for a thief to grab an unsecured bike without any bike lock.

Unlike motorbikes and cars that have their own intrinsic security mechanism, a bicycle has to be secured manually with a bike lock.

Thus, the security of a bike is largely dependent on whether the rider has taken measures to secure it. A safe and strong bike lock is one way to deter any thief from attempting a robbery in the first place.

For readers who don’t have any form of bike security, this article not only sheds light on the need for securing a bike but also suggests many different strong bike locks.

Why a Bike Lock is More Important than You Might Think?

Do you ride to work or school on a bicycle? Without the bicycle, how much extra time and money would you have to spend to reach where you need to be?

A bike without a bike lock is a sitting duck. In relative terms, a bike is a very easy thing to steal if not secured. If you are someone who values your time and money, a strong and secure bike lock is an absolute no-brainer. While it may seem like a small thing, it can explode into being important when something bad happens.

So get a bike lock to reduce the chances of your bike getting stolen.

Speaking of buying secure bike locks, the question of choice arises. There are many different types of bike locks one can buy. Each of them varies, some stronger and safer than others. If you’re someone who depends on a bike to get work done, choosing the best bike lock out there is crucial.

Moving forward, we will discuss some bike lock basics and popular and strong bike locks you should consider buying.

Types of Bike Locks

bike lock

Bike locks come in different shapes and sizes. Some common types of bike locks have been listed below:

  • Chain Locks

bike lock

Chain locks are a good option, but only if the chain itself is hard enough to withstand pressure if a thief is trying to cut it open with a pair of bolt cutters. Before choosing a chain bike lock, riders must check whether the chain and shackle are durable and strong.

  • Cable Locks

Cable locks are very popular amongst bikers, primarily because they are cheap and easy to use. For someone looking for the safest method possible to secure a bicycle, a cable bike lock is not exactly the right choice.

  • U-Locks and D-Locks

bike lock

The more famous types of bike locks in the market currently, U-locks and D-locks are named after their respective shaped. They are deemed safer than cable and chain locks because breaking them open is not easy, even with an angle grinder or a pair of bolt cutters.

  • Folding Locks

bike lock

A great option for those who frequently commute on bicycles, folding locks are gaining popularity owing to their compact size and simple portability. Although they are a bit susceptible due to the presence of vulnerable joints, it would take a lot of effort to break open a foldable bike lock, which is enough to scare an interested thief away anyway.

Via Velo U-Lock-Heavy Duty 14mm Shackle

bike lock

Via Velo is a trusted brand when it comes to strong bike locks. This Via Velo bicycle lock comes with a highly secure and sophisticated locking mechanism which is likely to discourage any prying thief from making a move.

Some key features include:

  • Resistant to cutting and leveraging with 14mm thick rubber casing
  • Secure lock cylinder, pull and drill-protective
  • Lock safe from being picked
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Unique key design, making duplication very difficult

Via Velo Bicycle U-Lock-Heavy Duty 15mm for 2 Bikes

bike lock

The Via Velo 15mm Heavy Duty U-lock comes with a ton of functionality all bikers are bound to appreciate.

This particular Via Velo bike lock comes with three keys, one with an LED light, the second with a replacement code in case a third key is needed. Like all other Via Velo locks, the 15mm U-lock is also resistant to extreme weather variations and perfectly functional in terrains with excessive dust, water, and heat, while being rust-proof.

With LED light in this particular bike lock, unlocking and locking a bicycle in the dark is very easy. For riders looking for a strong and safe bicycle lock, this is the place where the search ends.

Via Velo Combination Lock with 4-Feet Durable Cable

bike lock

For traditionalists who like depending on a combination to keep their lock safe instead of carrying a key along, Via Velo has a solution. The Via Velo combination Lock is an extremely safe bet for keeping a bicycle from thieves.

At its price, this Via Velo bike lock is a great choice for those who have the habit of misplacing keys all the time. All a biker must remember is the combination code. Furthermore, the 4-feet cable along with the lock makes this device useful for other purposes as well, such as securing gates and fences.

With an exclusive mouthing bracket, bikers don’t have to worry about keeping their lock in some other location as it goes wherever the bike does.

Via Velo Folding Bike Lock Steel Portable - High Security

bike lock

Probably the best way to secure a bicycle, the Via Velo Portable and Folding Bike Lock is the perfect choice for those looking for ultimate security.

The locking mechanism and anti-theft functionality in the Via Velo folding lock are state-of-the-art, matching the highest possible industry standards while being extremely affordable for the average rider. The answer to the strongest bike lock out there is found with this one.

Some important features of note in this folding bike lock include

  • Lightweight and heavy-duty at the same time, making it easy to carry and difficult to break
  • Being a foldable bike lock, it is very compact and thus easily portable
  • Latest locking mechanism technology for foldable bicycle locks
  • Apt for professional cyclists
  • Is optimal to maintain the frame of the bike and avoid any scratches and dents

In Conclusion

Securing a bike is not something a rider normally gives a lot of time to. It is only when one acknowledges the danger of losing a bike when the question of buying the strongest bike lock comes into the fold. The contents of this article seek to inform riders about the importance and need for secure bike locks, and the different options they have regarding the same.

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