Theft-Proof Bike- Reality or Just a Fantasy of the Bikers

Theft-Proof Bike- Reality or Just a Fantasy of the Bikers

August 19, 2022

Considering the technological advancement of this era, it would not be right to say that our properties are highly-secured as the technological advancement did not only happen for the common and gentle people rather it also happened for those people who love to burgle at our properties, the thieves. For them, technological advancement in the world brought a bundle of opportunities with the introduction of high-tech smart gadgets and devices. They multiplied their strengths by entailing the latest technology-based laser cutters, hammers, master keys, and other tools that are very handy to perfectly execute the theft. Now the question arises: In this high-tech era, are our properties theft-proof or is it just a fantasy due to having highly-secured locks and devices. Well, let’s take an example of a bike.

With the perspectives of maintaining the health condition and making it easier to travel to school, colleges, sports clubs, and even offices, bikes play very crucial roles. Even for many riders, it is a passion. They love to ride their bikes early in the morning and even late at night on plain roads as well as bumpy roads. Thus, the security of bikes is very important. A comprehensive range of bike lockers come in the market including bike cable lock, u-lock, chain lock, folding lock, and wire locks. These bike locks are very protective and safe for the complete protection of your bike. But remember the thieves have many smart-tech gadgets to cut or break your bike locks. The question remains the same. Well, let’s move forward, find the answer as well as find the complete solution.

We will find the answers discussing two scenarios. Firstly we will discuss the perspectives of the thieves and further, we will explore what we can do to theft-proof our bikes.


Scenario 1- See from the Point of Views of the Thieves 


It is obvious, the thieves are always smarter than you. Whether you are honored with a doctorate degree or you are a smart technician but it is very difficult to beat the level of the thieves because they are usually well-trained and well-experienced. They very smartly plan and execute their thefts with a hundred percent assurance. If they find any disturbance on their way, they either remove it or ignore it. Here the smart bike cable lock, u-locks, and other latest technology-based bike locks come in their roles to protect your bike from the thieves. 

As I mentioned above, every branded bike lock is very protective and safe for your bikes but it is not so that they are completely safe and unbreakable. They can be cut or broken with heavy and high-tech gadgets and tools that the thieves usually use while executing thefts. However, locking your bikes with these bike cable locks, u-locks, chain locks, wire locks, and folding locks, you can protect your bike from thieves to some extent. Let’s find how.

Easy Target 

The thieves usually love to attack the easy target. They usually seek for valuable properties in a place where nobody can see them, catch them, and even any CCTV camera cannot capture them. Further, they calculate how much time it can consume to completely execute the plan? What tools do they have? Are they capable of cutting or breaking the locks? Do they need any other tool? How many thieves do they need to perfectly execute the plan? After ensuring these all things they execute the plan. If they find it difficult, risky and time-consuming then they change their plans and move ahead. So, if you lock your bikes with high-quality bike cable locks and other powerful bike locks then you can certainly protect your bikes from the thieves as the thieves usually do not waste their time on difficult targets.

Scenario 2- What You Can Do to Reduce the Threats of the Thieves

Now, you know what the thieves always look for, The Easy Target. Thus, you must never offer an easy target to the thieves by ensuring a few things. It can reduce the 99% of threats of the thieves from your bike. Let’s find out what are those couple of things which you must do to protect your bikes from thieves.

Lock your Bike with a Highly-Secured Bike Lock

The first and foremost thing you must do is buy a high-quality branded bike lock for your bike and whenever you park your bike, lock it appropriately. The high-quality bike lock will ensure the security of your bike to some extent as they are almost unbreakable. They can bear several power-packed strokes of heavy tools and beat the sharpness of high-tech cutters. However, they can be cut or broken after a point. But the thieves would definitely not prefer to put so much effort and time to break and cut the locks as it becomes very risky. Thus, after finding your bikes locked with highly-secured bike cable locks or other bike locks, the thieves would like to ignore it to avoid the risk. 

Do Not Park Your Bikes at Remote Areas

Locking your bike with highly-secured bike locks is not enough. You need to take care of more things to protect your bikes. You must not park your bikes in remote areas or remote parking as it can become an easy target for thieves. In remote areas, crowd volumes are usually very low and the thieves' threat volume is very high. Thus, the theft volumes are usually very high. Try to park your bike in safe parking zones. If the parking zones have CCTV cameras then you must park your bikes under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. This will keep away the thieves from your bikes.

Now, you must have a detailed understanding. Let me simplify it more for you. You can make your bike theft-proof with proper implementation of certain bike safety tips and tricks. Locking your bike with a smart-tech bike cable lock, chain lock, or other powerful lock does not guarantee the complete protection of your bike as they can be broken or cut after bearing several power-packed strokes of heavy tools and smart cutters. But these bike locks can keep away thieves from your bike as they are very hard and time-consuming to be broken. So, overall, locking your bike with amazing bike locks and following certain bike protection tips, you can certainly completely protect your bike.

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